Vegatarian dating

28-Jul-2017 18:24

There are a few reasons that people become vegetarians. Do they feel better when they omit meat and poultry from their diets, or do they have health concerns about eating these foods?

Personal preference has a lot to do with this decision, but there are other considerations, as well. One reason people decide to become vegetarian is they learn how animals raised for food are treated in life and death.

While fresh produce may seem expensive, if you replace meat with produce you can save an average of 0 per person annually on your grocery bill.

For a family of four, that can mean savings of up to ,000 per year.

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Many people give up meat for health reasons; they believe that a meat-based diet contributes to heart disease and other illnesses.People who believe these practices are wrong and abhorrent choose a vegetarian lifestyle for ethical reasons.A subtype of vegetarians called vegans choose to give up all animal products including: Some people become vegetarians to help strained budgets. Because vegetarians can combine proteins from plant and grain products to add essential amino acids to their diets, they can eat enough of this nutrient and save a lot of money.A smaller number of people become vegetarian because of the impact that eating meat has on the environment.