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"Aziz got this barrel for me after Season One – it's from a bourbon distillery in Kentucky." As Wareheim rubs an orange peel along the rim of my glass, I notice a vintage Rolex on his wrist: "Aziz got me this after Season Two," he says. He tosses some boxes of frozen chicken nuggets into his freezer. "It was all these animatronic people and pigs fucking each other. "Carly does these Haribo-gummi-bear butt plugs," Wareheim says, pointing to one nearby.

"It's so nice, I'm almost afraid to wear it." Wareheim starts tossing spoiled food from his fridge into an enormous garbage bag, making space. He identifies Mark, 29, and Chloe Wise, 26, who is one of the more prominent members of what is often called the "post-Internet" art scene, as "my New York best friends. I don't hang out with comedians." He says he's finishing a screenplay for a feature film inspired by time he spent recently as a single man in New York.

"I did one called Black Cock [black light and penis-themed].

Another one was Laser Boobs." The sculptor took Wareheim's photo and used it to carve an enormous ice butt, which became the centerpiece of an ass-focused party called Snow Booty.

Would you be interested in creating a series for them at some point? Or do you prefer to spread something out and make it last? I’m a combination because there are certain shows I will binge, but I only have about a three-hour binge limit until I feel like I’m losing my mind. He just went for it, and I think it’s going to be very eye opening. When I look at these press pictures of the gang, I’m the only white guy. We never dig too deep into him during the first season.

You’ve had tremendous freedom with Adult Swim but is that new model still attractive to you? Right now I’m in this crazy world of too many shows that are DVR’d. I was going to say, you’re the token minority on this show! Would you group him amongst the rest of the weirdos that you’ve played, or is he different? He’s a little special because he is absurd at times and silly, but he still loves Dev a lot.

It's a really warm thing." Wareheim leads me out to his pool and a small cabana beside it. The first time I ate Thai food I was in college, and I decided I wanted to travel the world and eat food. I observe that his oenophilia might surprise fans of Awesome Show, which was ferociously unpretentious, and where, on those occasions when food appeared onscreen, it was in service of gross-out laughs.

I found a way to do it: through TV and stuff." He sips his negroni. "A lot of comedians are dark, fucked-up people," Wareheim replies.

" He pours me the negroni, which has been sitting for the past 60 days in a squat oak vessel perched atop his kitchen island. "We stumbled into one of his gallery shows around the time we finished college," says Wareheim. In the living room there are bright-colored paintings, photographs and sculptures by young artists whom Wareheim has befriended, like Jen Stark, Samuel Borkson and Carly Mark.He hangs out not only with Ansari but also with a crew of twentysomething artists, visiting beautiful locales with them and posting about it on Instagram. Like Ansari, he is a globe-trotting gourmand, willing to try anything once. "I've eaten horse." He's about to release Las Jaras, his own line of natural wines produced in collaboration with a Napa winemaker. It's an early Friday evening and Wareheim is at his airy midcentury modern home, on an eastside Los Angeles hilltop. It was a bit beyond my budget, but a producer told me, ' That'll just make you hustle more,' and he was right." Wareheim's wearing a white button-down and yellow corduroy short-shorts."I'll admit I'm sort of addicted to that social media thing of ' Look at me! At 41, in other words, Wareheim is more successful than ever – and enjoying the hell out of it. An Instacart delivery woman is piling his foyer with bags of groceries. Tim and Eric proved expert at mining the American grotesque for a new generation of comedy aficionados, scrambling the line between the absurd and the abject, the hilarious and the horrifying.Did you have a pre-existing relationship with Aziz or Alan? I was friends with both of them, and we had this good friend — another comedy person — who we had a food club that we did together… And really, I think they wanted me around — originally I was set up to do two episodes and then they gave me two more — and I think it’s because we all just like hanging out. I was excited when I saw your name pop up in the credits, but then you end up directing more episodes than anyone else all season! One of my favorite moments from the series is the extended conversation that Arnold and Dev have over Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” The series is full of theses sorts of moments that are evocative of ’70s cinema, Woody Allen, Richard Linklater. Do you like indulging in those sensibilities so deeply? What are your thoughts on Netflix’s production model? I think Master Of None also does an excellent job in terms of effectively representing diversity and minorities, not just in the show but on the production side of things as well. Directing the episodes “Indians on TV” was eye opening.