Vista time not updating Gratis face to face camsex

25-Jun-2017 11:01

Running defrag is advised considering that your computer is not new but my clients lately, especially on brand new OEM desktops.

SP1 hosed one of them so bad, it had to be returned to the store, and the second one had to be worked on by Redmond to fix these update issues.

I have used every Windows OS since windows 3.1 and I know for a fact there has never been a Windows OS prior to Windows Vista that was as reliable, and robust as Vista, I dont reboot my computer for weeks at a time, sometimes months and if it wasnt for updates requireing reboots, it would probably be even longer.

I've got probably at least five clients all suffering with Windows 7 update issues right now. These are all 64bit PCs with at least 6Gbs of RAM, and a dual quad core processor. It is nice to be able to get rid of an OS that is DOA but sometimes life support is possible.

I went through this with VISTA at a time that I did not want to deal with computer problems let alone spend money and time installing from scratch.

Bob Nuke and repave with a different operating system is Not a simple answer.

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First of all it shows very poor trouble shooting skills and second, your comment on Vista is totally unsupported.I also suggest that you install the latest version of Firefox 4 and select add ons and install Bit Defender.You will have a tiny Red dot in the Tab that let's you run it at will.The laptop would NOT work, so called Dell, who told us that our laptop would ONLY run with Vista, so we reinstalled it.

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