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The software also provides an automatic update feature to keep the software current with the latest set of device drivers and documentation.

To access technical support documents for PSM products visit the Help menu in LTpower Play.

The code libraries can be downloaded by clicking the Downloads tab above and used as-is in your project or individual code snippets may be viewed in the Code section of a supported part.

The Linduino One board (Demonstration Circuit DC2026) allows you to test out the code directly, using the standard demo board for the particular IC.

An evaluation board for a data converter will typically plug into an accompanying controller board, which is then connected to a host computer running a Linear supplied GUI program such as PScope for Analog-to-Digital converters or LTDACgen for Digital-to-Analog converters.

The GUI allows basic performance measurements to be made, but it is not designed to run arbitrary sequences of tests or communicate with other hardware, as is often required by customers when evaluating a part for their own application.

It also includes advanced PLL design and simulation capabilities.

LTpower CAD II The LTpower CAD II design tool is a complete power supply design tool program that can significantly ease the tasks of power supply design with Linear Technology µModule regulators and many other products, mostly monolithic buck step-down regulators.