Webcam chat warning

31-Oct-2017 10:47

Using text inputted by you, Virtual Assistant will either present you with appropriate on-line guidance or transfer you through to chat with an adviser on web chat.Web chat is currently up and running for tax credit help, Monday to Friday 8 -10 pm and Saturday 8 – 8pm and Sunday 8 – 4pm – longer opening hours than the telephone helpline.

If for whatever reason this doesn’t work, you could simply highlight the text and copy and paste it into a word document instead.It seems to us that web chat is also potentially a great benefit for deaf and hearing impaired people and those with speech impairments.Within a minute or so of being on an ‘entry point’ page, a blue box should appear telling you that ‘You can use web chat instead of calling HMRC’s helpline’ and offering you the option to ‘Start web chat’By clicking ‘Start web chat’ you will either be taken to the Virtual Assistant or presented with a separate page that asks for your name, email address and question and a button to press to ‘start chat’.I downloaded this app so that I can see videos of family out of state, especially the new baby.

However, I am unable to record a video I keep getting error messages and no one can tell me how to fix it.

There is another opportunity to save (or print) when you are exiting the chat and are presented with the post chat survey.