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25-Feb-2018 01:20

The most interesting technology previewed at CES -- from my perspective, anyway -- is the new wave of brain-reader devices.For instance, Interaxon is launching a low-priced (under 0) brainwave sensing headband called "Muse." For now, it measures your brainwaves in real-time, sending information about them to your smartphone or tablet so you can see how well your brain is performing.

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Though none of the new technologies debuted at CES are specifically intended for sexual purposes, with a little bit of creativity quite a few of them can and will be adapted for use by the ever-resourceful sexnology industry.Gifts From Geeks As usual, televisions and monitors dominated this year's CES, with significant advances in 3D technology and ultra-high-definition video (offering four times the clarity of traditional HD).We also saw the advent of curved and/or flexible screens, along with Microsoft's "Illumi Room," designed to evoke a "more immersive" experience for gamers by extending visuals beyond the boundaries of the existing screen and into the surrounding area.It also translates your brainwaves into instructions, allowing you to interact hands-free with content on your i OS or Android device.

In time, people will be able to control any and all electronic devices solely by thought.

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