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She allowed him his fantasy, knowing full well that no matter how much man claims to be in charge, it is woman who makes the decisions. " Unwilling to actually do the work which made women important, they instead set out to trivialize everything which women did.At first, it was the men who had their heads in the clouds, postulating and philosophising all the day long about what things are made of and whether the arrow flying rapidly toward their ass was actually moving at all.Women, conversely, were the down-to-earth, no-time-for-emotions-you-pansies ones.Naturally, this society believed that the philosophy and spirituality that men obsessed with (in order to avoid real work) was both well beyond the thought capacity of women and far more important than what women did.Soon it was to man's benefit to keep women at home, in the kitchen.

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Alternatively, these women might have coffee for blood and most have a mixture of chocolate and coffee.

Secondly, women have mastered the kind exterior with a cold, heartless interior. One of the greatest enigmas surrounding women is that of shopping.

Sure they may all seem like motherly, caring types, but don't you dare get that bitch angry. If one is ever witness to such a scene, we strongly advise you back away slowly so as not to be noticed and then keep the hell away. DNA researchers are busy at work trying to find the shopping gene that makes women such shopaholics. However, women also like to shop for clothes, shirts, pants, books, skirts, dresses, home decor, clothes, candles, towels, and pretty much anything.

Naturally, women just ignored this, if they even noticed.

However, there is no objective standard for gender roles and inherent natures.

For a period of time every month, women experience a strange phenomenon.

Jun 22, 2015. Both my friend and I have a long history of over-accommodating other people's needs and under-accommodating our own, even when we know that we are neglecting ourselves, and we know that we will feel stressed because we have not done the work we intended to do. Why is this? Why do my friend.… continue reading »

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Sep 25, 2015. In the past several decades, there has been a dramatic demographic shift in the workforce. Not only do women now make up almost half of the workforce, but there are more pregnant workers than ever before and they are working later into their pregnancies. According to the National Partnership for.… continue reading »

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