What kind of questions do dating sites ask

25-Nov-2017 16:22

Example: Psycho-graphic or life style questions are also included in the template files.

These questions provide an in-depth psychological profile and look at activities, interests and opinions of respondents.

Rank order scaling question allow a certain set of brands or products to be ranked based upon a specific attribute or characteristic.

Perhaps we know that Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Ford are most likely to be purchased.

Example: A constant sum survey questions permits collection of "ratio" data, meaning that the data is able to express the relative value or importance of the options (option A is twice as important as option B) Example: This type of question is used when you are relatively sure of the reasons for purchase, or you want input on a limited number of reasons you feel are important.

Questions must sum to 100 points and point totals are checked by javascript.

What is the single most important factor determining the success of a survey?

You got it - it is the survey questions, the question types and respondent answer types that form the cornerstones of all surveys!

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They are actually 2 dimensional variants of the multiple choice questions.

In the following example, the respondent will select exactly one answer from the 7 possible options, exactly 3 of the 7, or as many of the 7 options (1, 2, 3, or up to 7 answers can be selected).