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13-Apr-2017 08:27

This really sounds like you have a problem with black men, as if the white man's interracial pairing is supposed to be more relevant. While most educated people will know white men are the largest group of interracial daters/miscegenation, in many parts of the country, black men dating outside their race is more common.

In fact, I'd like to see some stats that break it down specifically by black men in proportion to other groups.

But black men are lusted for by all women, and the fact that it's just now getting media exposure is overdue, because it didn't just become trendy.

Third, like IM said, "Hispanic" isn't even a race, it's a culture.

For example on ABC's Modern Family, had the viewer not heard Gloria(Sophia Vergara) speak we might never know that they are an interracial couple.

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And Black males and White females are rarely seen in any other interracial configuration.When was the last time you saw an Asian male/Black female relationship?I commend the media for showing any racial combination that reflects our society. Commercials seem to be the most common medium for any interracial depictions compared to TV and movies where they are far more rare.My fiance believes it is to help remove the negative stereotypes black men have to endure in our society and thus marketing them in ads with white women helps promote them in a positive manner.

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I personally do not buy her reasoning as I think it is more to do it but can't for the life of me figure it out.

This is interesting because while tv shows and movies are selling 'interesting people' you want to voyeuristically observe, commercials are cast to reflect you the consumer and be relatable to your everyday experience.

Mar 4, 2012. All of the racial loyalty Black women have demonstrated through the ages is being flushed down the toilet in favor of interracial practices at the hands of Racially treasonous Black males. Having been convinced of the Black woman's complete and universal inferiority to white and/or “other” females.… continue reading »

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Jul 17, 2017. Dear Black Men Stay Away From WhiteFemales Who Only Date BlackGuys - Duration. Jaye De Black 254,375 views · · How Black Men Act When White Women Are Around - Duration. Ask Nathaniel 7,115 views ·. #4 Stay Away from OUR Black Men, They belong to Us Black.… continue reading »

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Apr 29, 2016. To date, many explanations have focused on the poor and working class, even though racial and ethnic differences in family formation exist across. At nearly every age, divorce rates are higher for black than for white women, and they are generally lowest among Asian and foreign-born Hispanic women.… continue reading »

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Jan 10, 2013. Don't get me wrong, I love Black men, but due to the images that they see in the media, I am no longer their first choice especially since white women are. men out there who REFUSE to date Black women and who think “they ain't SH*T” the truth is, most Black males in interracial relationships end up with.… continue reading »

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Jul 9, 2016. Black men dating outside of their race is not a new concept. In fact, It is widely believed black men are more likely to date women outside of their race; however, this isn't quite the truth. For many years, it has been said black men are not interested in dating black women for a variety of reasons. Now, black.… continue reading »

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