Who is antonio villaragosa dating

09-Oct-2017 18:44

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actress is dating Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa since splitting with her footballer beau Mark Sanchez in late October.But the petite brunette beauty has set the record straight with pal and She also took to Twitter to reveal the twosome have never been an item: "Wow, Star mag gets it wrong yet again," the 37-year-old star wrote.We’re going to need the resources to spread that message across California.Every dollar counts, and I’m grateful for any support you can provide.

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's announcement earlier this week that he will not run next year for the U. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Barbara Boxer came as something of a surprise, at least at this early date. And the early leader is the only candidate on the 2010 statewide Democratic ticket who nearly didn't win.For the first time since the first George Bush was president, California Democrats are having a competition for a seat in the U. Antonio Villaraigosa wasn't just a charismatic and effective mayor of Los Angeles.He established himself as a national leader -- one whose personal story and effective advocacy on critical issues such as education, immigration, and civil rights have had a positive impact on our community and our nation.“I can confirm that Lu Parker ended her three-year committed relationship with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as of May 25,” spokeswoman Juliette Harris told the newspaper.

Parker, a former Miss USA who works for KTLA-TV Channel 5, started dating the mayor in 2009.LACI’s Leadership Council will host a “Fireside Chat with former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa“, to be moderated by LACI Board member and former General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), David Nahai.Mayor Villaraigosa will be taking questions from the audience.Making our state work for everyone starts with making sure everyone has a voice.