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I was doing it as a way to connect with my father—trying to fill the void he left when he disappeared.The more I played music, the more I felt I had a piece of him inside me.”Although Sean spent his childhood making music with his mother, his aversion to notoriety intensified when he released his own album at 22.“They don’t realize she makes more money than I do.”“I’m his sugar mama,” Charlotte says with a Cheshire-cat grin.I always knew she was small but, even so, I'm not quite prepared for how teeny and bird-like Yoko Ono is. The home movies taken by her and Lennon in the 1970s reveal a figure with big, fluffy hair and pensive, wary features. John and I were both musicians and, at the same time, artists and film-makers and activists. So we were busy with our own lives, and people saying bad things about us was very far away. I don't mean that in a fairy-tale way, but an incredible and busy working life."And the work continues.My dad was like, ‘I want to see how he shoots.’ ” Charlotte and Sean now live their own hippie-artist-peacenik lifestyle in downtown Manhattan, where they write, compose, play music, record, draw, and care for the albino python he gave her for her birthday, along with the white rabbit they named for Albert Hofmann, the scientist who discovered the psychedelic properties of LSD.Although December 8 marks the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death, Sean’s grief remains as potent as his memories, despite the passage of time.It seems impertinent to mention her age, except that it's so very startling. Yoko, I ask, do you ever think about taking it easy and just lolling about in the garden, watching the birds? But there are also moments of quiet melancholy, of tenderness and beauty.Yoko, whom the night before our interview I witnessed shrieking, ululating and prancing about on stage in front of a rapt audience, is 80. Were the album made by an artist 60 years her junior, it would seem an accomplished excursion into avant-garde ambient and noise-rock.

“I come from a Catholic Republican military family in Georgia—the antithesis of Sean’s hippie-artist-peacenik background,” says Charlotte, who moved to New York alone to become a model at age 14.

In the November 2010 issue, Leslie Bennetts interviewed Sean Lennon and his “sugar mama,””model-musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl, ahead of their new album’s release—together, they make up musical duo the Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger. Other performers crave recognition, but the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono just wanted to avoid it.

“Fame is what I was born with, and it was a nightmare being a child,” says Sean Lennon, who was five years old when his father was gunned down in front of their Manhattan apartment building, the Dakota, in 1980.

She is routinely blamed for the Beatles' split in 1970, having been painted as the evil temptress who took Lennon's focus off the band while hanging on the coattails of his celebrity.

Some of my questions are ignored, others answered 10 minutes after I've asked them, but it doesn't matter. Prior to our meeting, I had imagined that Ono, dubbed by her third husband John Lennon "as the world's most famous unknown artist", might have grown weary of discussing her years as a Beatle wife, but I was wrong. Of course, she has spent more than half a lifetime being pilloried for her relationship with Lennon, whom she first met in 1966 and married in 1969.With Charlotte, it feels more like an intellectual game in which we’re both having fun.It’s like intellectual tennis.”“It’s like meta-lovemaking,” Charlotte adds.“We just want to be the artists we want to be, without too much limitation.” They know that increasing exposure invites scrutiny, along with the kind of public judgments that Charlotte refers to as “the elephants in the room.

Though still grappling with his father's murder, Sean Lennon has found a way to make music again—in partnership with model and girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl. Other performers crave recognition, but the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono just wanted to avoid it. “Fame is what I was born with, and it was a nightmare.… continue reading »

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Nov 9, 2016. For decades, fans and critics have theorized about the extent of her influence on John Lennon and debated her role in the Beatles' breakup. It should come as no surprise, then, that even Lennon and Ono's first meeting is mired in uncertainty. Born in Japan, Ono became interested in experimental art when.… continue reading »

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Sep 20, 2015. The late Beatles legend is a hero to many, but some of his actions will shock his fans.… continue reading »

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Oct 12, 2008. “One of the Beatles' entourage then drove the two of them to a nearby flat and, without preamble, began folding out a sofa into a bed. It was clearly an established procedure for John's conquests.” Yoko rebuffed the oversexed Beatle, but fell under his spell soon after. When they first began dating, Lennon.… continue reading »

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Aug 25, 2015. It's released on his label Chimera Music, a label started by Lennon and his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and he'll head into the studio next month to help. something new to the fans while also bracing for the critics who “no matter what I do, people see me as the spoiled slacker son of John and Yoko”.… continue reading »

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