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Due to the fine detail and control found in the images, such as strands of hair painted in 1-2mm thicknesses, it has been suggested that feather quills may have been used as a technique to apply the paint to the rock walls; an imprint of a feather found at one site may support this possibility.

No evidence has yet been found of any corrections or changes in composition during or after painting, while evidence of restoration have been found.

The rediscovery of the original mural after more than a century has shown that Bradshaw had a remarkable gift for reproduction without photography, and that Davidson’s criticisms were unfounded in the absence of the original.

However, attention to the Bradshaw art was sporadic.

Bradshaw figures superimposed over a kangaroo and snake. Drawn by Joseph Bradshaw in April 1891 Backburning has since largely destroyed the original painting. While searching for suitable pastoral land in the then remote Roe River area in 1891, pastoralist Joseph Bradshaw discovered an unusual type of rock art on a sandstone escarpment.He expanded his records by studying superimposition and style sequences of the paintings to establish a chronology that demonstrated that Bradshaw art is found early in the Kimberley rock art sequence.He proposed that the art dated to a period prior to the Pleistocene.Bradshaw recognised that this style of painting was unique when compared to the Wandjina style.

Feb 7, 2017. Amy began dating actor Bradley after he worked with her sister Kimberley in London's West End.… continue reading »

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Feb 24, 2014. Kim, 32, has been dating boyfriend Justin Scott for over ten years. Her bandmates Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts both congratulated her and appeared to be relieved the wonderful news was finally made public. Cheryl tweeted - obviously short of breath towards the end "Finally! I am able to share some of.… continue reading »

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Is Cheryl Cole Dating BFF Kimberley's Brother? 9 Shares. Save. image description Her. She's had a tough time of it in the romance stakes but the rumour mill is in overdrive that Cheryl Cole has a new man in her life. According to the Irish Mirror, the X Factor judge has been spotted out and about with Adam Walsh, who is a.… continue reading »

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