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After her husband was found dead in their home less than a year later from similar causes, toxic mold in their home was called into question though it was never proven as the ultimate reasoning behind both deaths. Anywho, Berry, who was forever typecasted as Rerun and had a hard time finding work outside of that character, passed away in 2003.At the time, he was recovering from the effects of a stroke. Bernie Mac How I could a do a list like this and NOT include Bernie Mac!?

Bentley was killed in a tragic motor accident in California in 2005.

But in 2003, Carter passed away from heart disease that was complicated by her diabetes. She wasn’t really as stuck up as Dionne and Cher tried to mold her to be.

I was a huge fan of Nell Carter when I was younger, so when she passed in 2003 I was pretty sad. After dating Ashton Kutcher in real life and starring in a string of romantic comedies, Murphy suddenly passed away in 2009 from pneumonia, anemia and a mixture of prescription medications she was taking. ” Who wasn’t winding up and popping and locking courtesy of the dance moves picked up from watching “Rerun” bust a move on “What’s Happening!! He wasn’t the brightest character, and hell, he really didn’t have much to say half the time (and when he did, he was yelling like a mug), but that’s not why we were checking for Rerun.

Gates received 3 life sentences plus 70 years, Byrnes despite none of his bullets actually hitting the car, received 23 years and King received 8 years in a juvenile facility. NAME: Artimus Lamont Bentley ROLE: Hakeem Campbell AGE (at Time of Death): 35 YEAR OF DEATH: 2005 Bentley, another young talent was killed in a car accident.

He played Hakeem, the next store neighbor of Moesha, who bummed a ride to school and ate their food.

And when you think of Steve Urkel, not only do you think of his love Laura Winslow, but you have to think of his character’s past steady girlfriend, Myra Monkhouse. Just a year earlier the actress was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer, and she went on to undergo surgery twice for tumors.

Nov 1, 2012. Whether it's from illnesses, accidents, or cold-blooded murder, these 10 actors and actresses' deaths were shocking because they were very unexpected.… continue reading »

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Oct 28, 2008. Available in DVD. A thirty year old self-made millionaire finds his charmed life suddenly cursed when he loses his fortune and his gold-digging fianceé.… continue reading »

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Jun 15, 2012. Actor Merlin Santana who starred in the show briefly as Ohagi, but was best known for playing Rudy Huxtable's admirer Stanley was murdered. And popular character actor Lamont Bentley who played Hakeem died in a fatal car accident. Singer/Actress Brandy was also involved in a fatal car crash years.… continue reading »

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Jan 22, 2016. I still watch the show but sometimes I get a little sad because both Andell Yvette Wilson and Hakeem Lamont Bentley passed away. I still check in on their families to see how they're doing. It's not a process you get over it in a couple of days or in a couple of years. It's a slow process so I'm always there for.… continue reading »

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Aug 19, 2013. A few years ago I made this tribute for Lamont and never would've guessed I'd hit this many views. Moesha Lamont Bentley Tribute. he was chasing after the girl from 7th heaven Jessica Biel they were dating at that time, they were arguing and she ran out the door and he chased her the car that he was.… continue reading »

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