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“Even if we were Christians, what’d be wrong with that? ”Violent J admits that ICP has probably mellowed, with both men now pushing 40 and with families and success as consolation.

That, he says, makes the frequent criticism of the band less important than ever.“When we started rapping, we were broke as could be. “But for the last 20 years, there’s so much love around us from Juggalos that I can’t walk around being salty about everything, and think this world sucks, or this country sucks.

The British newspaper The Guardiancalled the group “a magnet for ignorance.” dutifully supplied scientific explanations of all the phenomena mentioned in “Miracles,” and multiple commentators tried to tie the song to alleged American narrow-mindness and credulity.

One response did win the band’s approval: “Saturday Night Live” parodied the tune, raising ICP’s profile to perhaps its highest level since the group’s early days.

The most infamous line was Shaggy’s “F***in’ magnets how do they work?

” but the remainder of the verse, which insisted “I don’t wanna talk to a scientist,” raised the ire of many media types, who jumped into the fray on the side of science.

“And that’s what it is: that we wanna see all the Juggalos in Heaven.”The relationship between Insane Clown Posse and their Juggalo (and Juggalette) fans is one of the most remarkable in music.

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Their fans, the Juggalos, are derided as a dangerous, clown-makeup-wearing cult.

Blender magazine once even voted them the Worst Band in Music History.

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