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12-Apr-2017 00:23

C’était Noël avant l’heure pour Jason Mraz et Tris­tan Pret­ty­man !

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I leaned over to my girlfriend and yelled, "Seriously, Tristan Prettyman is one hot lesbian! I surveyed the audience members (short hair-check, flannel shirts-check, slouchy beanies-check, tongue down another girl's throat-check) and turned to my GF with a puzzled expression. Why the eff are all these lesbos yelling out their phone numbers then?

Of course lesbian music fans will want to band together and support talented and popular lesbians.

But what is it about some musicians that draw in the lesbian fans?

Madonna owns the gay fan base, boys and girls alike, but that's a no-brainer. With songs like "Stronger" and her new single "People Like Us", she is offering women everywhere some amazing and empowering ballads.

Perhaps lesbians are drawn to musicians who sing about more than clothes, Hollywood, and the next boy toy.À 33 ans, Jason Mraz est aujourd’­hui un chan­teur reconnu dans le monde entier.À ses débuts, il a notam­ment fait la première partie des Rollings Stones ou de .Maybe we like singing along to songs that not only rock, but actually have lyrics that mean something to us. all poets that know how to layer their lyrics with truth.

Pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016. confess this was my first time seeing her, and in reality I had only just heard of her a few months before when my girlfriend told me she bought us concert tickets for a fun date night. I leaned over to my girlfriend and yelled, “Seriously, Tristan Prettyman is one hot lesbian!… continue reading »

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Dec 7, 2014. He started talking about the artist, this girl from San Diego named Tristan Prettyman, and I can still remember how enthusiastic he was when he told me I was going to. I present to you, Tristan Prettyman Maris. Before you met your husband Bill, how did you know you were ready to start dating again?… continue reading »

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November 1, 2016. Format MP3 MusicVerified Purchase. I don't understand all the positive reviews this album has received. The lyrics are incredibly generic and cliche. The music starts out mediocre and devolves into irritating "Quit You" and then incomprehensible "Bad Drug". Prettyman has a lovely voice, and most.… continue reading »

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