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When they are locked up, families are left with few options.The lucky ones can be placed with relatives, but more often, the kids are sent to foster care.The first women’s facility in the United States, Indiana Women’s Prison, was built in 1869 and received its first prisoners four years later.The first federal prison for women would not follow for decades.The situation is even more grim for minorities, who comprise two–thirds of all incarcerated women.Sadly, most women behind bars have been convicted of nonviolent crimes like drug possession or prostitution, and even violent offenders have heartbreaking stories.

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Despite the meteoric rise in the population of women in prison, less than 2 percent of those on death row are women.Many of these children are lost to their mothers forever.The federal Adoption and Safe Families Act, enacted in 1997, requires states to terminate parental rights to children that spent at least 15 of 22 consecutive months in the foster care system, freeing them up for adoption.The programs can extend from one month to three years and have shown unfailingly positive results.