Wpf mvvm listview not updating

10-Aug-2017 03:25

The XAML looks like this: using a data binding to my Selected Names property.With that in place the Selected Names collection in my View Model is updated whenever Selected Items on the List Box changes. Sheriff is a Business Solutions Architect with Fairway Technologies, Inc. Struggling to grasp the concepts of Model-View-View-Model? Have you found that you can understand the basics of data binding in WPF and Silverlight, but when you start to read about Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) you find that you have been dropped off a cliff?Fairway Technologies is a premier provider of expert technology consulting and software development services, helping leading firms convert requirements into top-quality results. Have you looked at some of the XAML frameworks like PRISM only to find that it is just way too complicated for what you need?The Two List Synchronizer code does not make especially thrilling reading, so I won’t show it here.The interesting thing to me about MVVM (Model-View-View Model), is that the Model should know about nothing else, the View Model should only know about the Model (not the View), and the View should only know about the View Model (and not the Model).

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View: This should just bind to the View Model and make stuff look pretty.The getter returns the current value of the property.The View will get this value when it is first bound and then it will only change when it receives a property change notification.When the setter is called with a new value, the property backing field is updated and then the event is raised to inform observers that the value has changed.

Easy way to filter WPF Listview is to use CollectionViewSource class. CollectionViewSource class has some useful methods to auto apply filtering in source list.… continue reading »

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May 26, 2009. NET Developer Network - neat domain in Bristol, one of the attendees posed me a question about how you might implement a ViewModel to deal with a CheckListBox in WPF. The first thing to note is kind of important there is no CheckListBox in WPF. Uh oh. Well, not really. It's mostly.… continue reading »

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Aug 15, 2015. Quite a common mistake that XAML developers do here and there especially myself, I just can't stop causing this bug is to switch the order the ItemsSource and SelectedItem properties in XAML while building a MVVM pattern based app. Let's see it in context the WinRT ListView control. To bind some.… continue reading »

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Aug 20, 2007. During my WPF presentation for the NYC Developer. He asked if it is possible to control how frequently a binding target is updated. Suppose that. Every time the data is pushed, the time stamp is updated so that the next push will not occur until a pre-defined duration has elapsed. I put together a.… continue reading »

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