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Often men and women graduated college without yet entering into a serious, let alone permanent, relationship.

During that particular time, after college, men and women sometimes found it difficult to find each other.

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Women made the trip west with the expectation that they would marry and be happy-- more or less.Someone answering ads in one place might be replying to an invitation to engage in some sort of sex. Others were directed at more sober individuals who were thinking of getting married somewhere down the line.Answering advertisements was not yet entirely respectable, but I knew of some doctors and lawyers who married someone they met under these circumstances, (including a friend, who was a psychiatrist.I could buy a milkshake for a All the telephones were black.) It was common, around that time, for men and women to meet at parties or at dances.

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The kind of dances performed then required holding each other, which put those of us who were shy at a disadvantage.I especially recommended arranging to meet for the first time only for coffee or a drink.Spending a couple of hours with someone who was unattractive and unappealing was not too much of a price to pay for the chance to have met someone who might be attractive and appealing.These small blurbs appeared in the personals section.